Solution-focused, ADD-friendly Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Adults with ADHD: Consolidating a Lifetime of Clinical Experience

Recorded webinar presented by Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ph.D. 

Workshop Level: Advanced - the presenter assumes that clinicians will have experience in treating adults with ADHD and be reasonably well-read regarding research and clinical materials.

This workshop will cover a broad range of material on the treatment of adult ADHD reflecting Kathleen Nadeau's past 30 years of clinical practice and writing on ADHD-related issues, including:

  • Solution-focused, ADD-friendly Psychotherapy for Adult ADHD: Consolidating 30 years of clinical experience.
  • Young adults with ADHD: "failure to launch", life management skills, work-related skills, and a multi-generational treatment approach.
  • Adults with ADHD: stress management, life management skills, the impact of ADHD upon relationships, and parenting challenges.

 This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Explain and apply treatment approaches included in Kathleen Nadeau's "Solution-focused, ADD-friendly Psychotherapy" approach to treating adults ADHD;
  • Discuss typical challenges faced by young adults with ADHD and to apply treatment approaches suggested by the presenter;
  • Create a treatment plan for adults with ADHD including ways to prioritize and address treatment issues, as well as to identify and address comorbidities.

Requirements for completion: This is considered a home study for reporting purposes, and in order to get CE credit you must pass the post-test (75%%) and submit a completed evaluation. Once both the post-test and evaluation are received by MPA, a CE certificate will be emailed within 7-10 business days.

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