This page is intended as a quick guide to our most commonly asked questions, not a substitute for reading COMAR Title 10.36.02. If you have further questions or require clarification of COMAR Title 10.36.02, please call MPA at 410-992-4258 or the Board of Examiners of Psychologists at 410-764-4787.If you have questions about a workshop that is not hosted by MPA, please call the Board of Examiners or the event's sponsoring organization.

If you have questions about the new licensing requirement for those that are renewing by March 31, 2023, click here. 

Live vs. Homestudy

How to categorize an online presentation is based on how and when the seminar is given, and by whom.

Home or Independent Study
If the course is not being given "live" (i.e., is on demand and not broadcast in real time), it is deemed "home or independent" study. This is usually a pre-recorded or downloaded seminar, podcast or webcast that you complete on line at your leisure. Typically some kind of test of what was learned in order to receive credit. Only 20 credits are allowed of this type. Example: MPA's webcasts and text-based courses.

Live Broadcasts
The defining feature of a "live" workshop is the ability to ask questions of the presenter or monitor in real time, and receive real-time answers, just as you would if you were sitting in a classroom. If the course is being given "live" (broadcast in real time), it can be counted as any other in person live workshop as long as the sponsor is one of the 8 listed approved organizations (or one of their approved co-sponsors) in the Maryland CE regulations. Just like live in-person workshops, up to 40 credits of this type can be taken every two years.
Example: MPA workshops when you attend via Zoom at a designated time 

Webinar vs. Webcast
A word of caution: Many organizations use the terms "webinar" and "webcast" interchangeably. However, "webinars" are actually live, typically interactive, broadcasts. "Webcasts" have a one-way flow of information from presenter to attendees and may be pre-recorded to be viewed at any time. Be sure what you are signing up for so your credits will count appropriately.

When in doubt, ask the event host to confirm.

Approved CE Sponsors

The following organizations and their approved CE sponsors are authorized sponsors of continuing education acceptable to the Board:

  • A. American Psychological Association;
  • B. Association for Psychological Science;
  • C. American Medical Association;
  • D. National Association of Social Workers;
  • E. National Association of School Psychologists;
  • F. Maryland Department of Health (MDH);
  • G. National Institutes of Health; and
  • H. Accredited academic institutions.

 Sometimes there are a few levels of sponsors. For example, MPA is approved by APA so our workshops qualify. Or a workshop is held by an organization that approved by the Board of Social workers - the Board of Social workers is part of DHMH, so that workshop will qualify.


Maryland Licensure Mandated Subject Areas

3 CE hours in activities designed to enhance competence in the provision of psychological services to culturally diverse populations.

3 CE hours in activities whose content area is laws pertaining to the practice of psychology; ethics and professional conduct in the practice of psychology; or managing risks associated with the practice of psychology.

If the psychologist supervised psychology associates during the reporting period, minimum of 3 CE hours in activities designed to enhance competence in the provision of clinical supervision.

MPA hosts workshops that meet these needs throughout the year. Check out our upcoming continuing education or homestudy courses.


CEs and License renewal- Renewing Early

Each renewal period ends on 3/31 and the new accrual period never begins before 4/1 regardless of when you send in your renewal. If you renew your license in February, credits taken in March will not count toward the new accrual period.

Please remember you are earning CE Credits - NOT CEUs!

Questions and answers from the January 31, 2019 MPA office hours with Veronica

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