Need to reach psychologists and other mental health care providers in the state of Maryland and beyond? Advertise with the Maryland Psychological Association! We offer many opportunities to reach your target audience. Our online classifieds page is the go-to place for mental health professionals trying to fill a position, lease office space, or find testing materials, etc. The InPSYder, our e-newsletter, and The Maryland Psychologist, our quarterly publication are targeted specifically to approx. 1100 MPA members and other psychologists around the state. We also offer a career center with interactive features and a national reach to help you find the right candidates for your position, a mailing list for your direct mail campaign, and opportunities for exhibiting, sponsorship, and advertising at our annual convention

Advertising Options

MPA offers three convenient placement opportunities for advertisements. Text/classified and display ad options available.

  • MPA Website - Classified advertising is placed any time on the classifieds page.
  • The MPA InPSYder - MPA's monthly e-newsletter, reaching approximately 1100 MPA members throughout Maryland.
  • The Maryland Psychologist (TMP) - MPA's quarterly digital publication: Summer (July-August), Fall (October-November),  Winter (January-February), Spring (April-May). Reaches approximately 1100 MPA members throughout Maryland. 
 TMP        Web  InPSYder 
Classifieds + pic/logo  
Display/banner ads


Sponsored Content

Sponsored content can be articles or blog posts promoting a product or service. Sponsored content will be posted in either the monthly e-newsletter the InPSYder (12 issues) or the quarterly digital The Maryland Psychologist (4 issues).

Cost: $250 per issue

If you want your sponsored content in more than 6 issues, you will receive a 10% discount.

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Continuous ad options

Do you need to advertise for 6 months or more? Consider purchasing a continuous ad! Continuous ads will run on the website, the InPSYder and/or The Maryland Psychologist for 6 months or a full year with prime placement. Pay one price for your ad regardless of length. Images are included at no extra charge. Full payment must be made at the time of the request.


6-month option

Online classified section of the MPA website only – $500

The InPSYder only (6 issues) – $750

The Maryland Psychologist only (2 issues) – $750

All three – $2,000


Annual option

Full year on the online classified section of the MPA website only – $1,000

Full year in the monthly InPSYder only (12 issues) – $1,500

Full year in the quarterly edition of The Maryland Psychologist only (4 issues) – $1,500

All three – $3,500 (savings of $500)

MPA members can apply their member discount at the time of purchase

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 Classified Ads

Classifieds are text-based, with options to add images (your company logo, a photo of office space, etc.)
Text ads start at $175 for 1-60 words. Additional words over 60 are .50/word. This gets your ad on the website for 90 days, or in the InPSYder, or in The Maryland Psychologist.

For a stronger ad campaign with a broader and more sustained reach, you can add additional placements of the same ad for just $25. Popular combinations include placing ads in all three venues, and placing ads in consecutive e-newsletters throughout the 90 days the ad is on the website.

Stand out! Add a picture or logo to your ad: $25. JPG or GIF files preferred. No animated graphics. Max dimensions: 180 pixels wide x 130 pixels high. Add a 728x90px banner for $50. (Size guide)


Display Ads

Display/banner ads are image-based. JPG or GIF files preferred. No animated graphics.

Website Banner Ads: Size options are 728px wide x 90px high ($200 stand alone or $50 with a text ad) or
728px wide x 300px high ($300). Preview sizes here.

InPSYder Display Ads: Max 350pixels wide x 600pixels high OR max 600pixels wide x 300pixels high. ($250)

The Maryland Psychologist

Contact MPA's office at 410-992-4258 or [email protected]g for discount rates for ads in consecutive issues. A 10% discount is available for one year (four issues) and applies only if indicated at the time of the initial ad request.


Ad Submission Deadlines

Website: No deadline. Ads will be placed as soon as we have confirmed your ad and made arrangements for payment.

The Maryland PsychologistSummer Issue: June 30. Fall Issue: September 30. Winter Issue: December 31. Spring Issue: March 31.

The MPA InPSYΨder e-newsletter: The 25th of the month.

All advertisements are accepted subject to editorial approval. MPA reserves the right to decline ads that do not fit the newsletter's format. MPA makes no representations regarding the classified ads. The information is provided by the advertisers, who are solely responsible for the content.

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Mailing Labels

MPA offers mailing labels for direct mail campaigns for events, products, etc., directly relevant to the professional lives of psychologists (continuing education, psychological tests, books, etc.). We provide printed labels, one-time use only. The cost is $200 for approx. 1100 labels. Please send your request for labels, with a copy of the item to be sent out, to MPA at [email protected].