The MPA office serves as a hub for MPA activities. Members and the general public can phone the office for information about legislative issues, association activities, psychology, psychologists, the Referral Service, public education, and continuing education. MPA's policy-making body, the Board of Directors, meets in the office conference room monthly, as do many of MPA's Boards and Committees.

The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Executive Director:
Stefanie Reeves, M.A.,CAE ([email protected])
General e-mails should be directed to Stefanie.

Continuing Education and Membership Coordinator:
Veronica Rand ([email protected])
Inquiries regarding MPA Membership and Continuing education inquiries should be directed to Veronica.

Public Relations Coordinator:
([email protected])
Public information, media inquiries and website inquiries should be directed here.

Administrative Coordinator:
([email protected])
Inquiries regarding dues, updating member information, and other general inquiries should be directed here.

Professional Affairs Officer:
Paul C. Berman, Ph.D. [Contact]

Legal Counsel
Richard Bloch, Esq. [Contact]

Governmental Affairs
J. William Pitcher, Esq. [Contact]
Julia P. Worcester ([email protected])

MSPA Liaison
Bill Flook, Ph.D. [Contact]