Introduction to Selective Mutism

1.5 CE. $30/MPA Members, $55/Non-members.

Selective Mutism (SM) is an anxiety disorder in which a child who is capable of speech demonstrates an inability to speak in certain settings (typically those outside of the home). Once regarded as extremely rare, we now estimate SM prevalence rates as similar to those for other childhood disorders such as autism and OCD. Unfortunately, relatively few clinicians are well versed in the symptoms, course, and empirically supported treatment for SM, which requires early therapeutic intervention through cognitive-behavioral techniques. Through case examples, videos, and concise information sheets, attendees will learn basic assessment and some practical intervention approaches for increasing speech in these anxious children.

This webcast is designed to help you:

  1. List "Do's and Don'ts" of interacting with a selectively mute child;
  2. Identify various SM resources available for clinicians, parents, and teachers;
  3. Create an appropriate exposure hierarchy for increasing communication and verbalization.


Requirements for completion: This is considered home study for reporting purposes, and in order to get CE credit you must pass the post-test (75%) and submit a completed evaluation.

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