Got Questions about MPA's 2022 Convention?

MPA staff know that there are a lot of concerns about convention going all digital so we are here to answer all of your questions. 

The workshop schedule is here. Workshop descriptions are here. If you don't see your questions, click here to submit it. Questions asked may be added to this FAQ page. 

Will these count as live CE credits?

Workshops are being held in real-time and you are able to ask questions to the presenter so the MD Board of Examiners of Psychologists consider these live workshops.  If you are licensed in another state, you will need to check with your licensing board.

How will these sessions be held?

MPA uses Zoom. If you haven't used Zoom before, you can do a test call at any time. Click here for information on Zoom Test calls. 

What do I need to attend?

An internet-connected device (MPA recommends a computer or tablet) with working speakers. Headphones or headsets are encouraged but not required. You will also need the link or meeting ID from MPA (which will be sent prior to your session). We recommend that you print out the handouts prior to the presentation for note-taking. You do not have to have a camera connected to join. 

Can I join on my smartphone?

We recommend against it. The screens tend to be smaller which makes the PowerPoint hard to read. 

What if the speakers on my computer are busted?

You do have the ability to call in via phone for audio. You would get the visual through your computer and the audio from the phone. Information on how to do this will be sent out with the link to the workshop. 

How do I ask questions?

Zoom has a chat function. You are able to type your question in there and then MPA staff will be monitoring the chat and will ask the questions to the presenter. 

How do I sign in to the workshop?

Sign-in will be done through the chat. Just type your full name into chat and MPA staff will do the rest. 

How are breaks handled?

Breaks are still scheduled in the sessions. When it is break time, you will see a timer on the screen. This way everyone can see how much time you have to refill your water cup, hit the restroom, or grab a snack. 

How do I register?

You can register online (click here) you will need to sign into your account. If you are getting our MPA CE email, you already have an account. If not you can make one. Or you can contact the MPA office if you already know which workshop you want to attend. 

If we register for a few workshops now, but if to our schedule changs are able to add in an additional workshop(s) later, would we be able to just pay the difference in the registration cost?

If you would like to change your registration to include more live workshops, then you can just email Veronica at [email protected] or call the MPA office. You will get billed the difference. 

Are there any discounts for registration?

If you have already paid your MPA dues, then you will be able to use the early bird/$25 voucher for your convention registration. Also students can attend for half price. MPAGS will get this discount automatically. Other students need to contact [email protected] with their student ID to get the appropriate discount code.  Please note that you can only use one discount code during registration.

If we are interested in 5 of the lectures, but can only attend 3 live, can we pay for access to five and watch the recordings of the other two at a later date/time? 

If this is the case, you sign up for the three live workshops you would like to attend. If you register for two or more workshops you have access to recordings of all workshops while they are available. Workshop recordings will be available for 4 months after Convention has concluded.  Watching the recordings only will not earn you any CE credits. 

When will I get my CE certificates?

You will get CE Certificates within 7-10 business after your evaluation has been completed. 


Got more questions? Click here to send them in.