MPA endeavors each year to provide one or more scholarships for the PACE exam.  The application deadline is usually in August.  Scholarship applications for the year are generally first available at the MPA Annual Convention and also sent via email to MPA members shortly after the Annual Convention.  Applications can also be obtained by contacting the MPA Certification Ambassador. 

Contact our Certification Ambassador Co-Chairs, Kristy Geron, RP® and Tina Johnson, RP®, MnCP at if you have any questions.  

In 1992, the National Federation of Paralegal Associations ("NFPA") adopted a resolution establishing a position on regulation of the paralegal profession. In 1994, that position was modified to endorse the establishment of the Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam. ("PACE"). With the assistance of the Professional Exam Service, NFPA developed a computer generated two hundred question multiple choice exam designed to be taken within a four hour time period. Test question are based on federal law and address topics such as the administration and development of client legal matters, legal research, legal writing, office administration and ethics.

The purposes of PACE are to provide the groundwork for expanding paralegal roles and responsibilities, to provide the public and legal community with a mechanism to gauge the competency of the experienced paralegal; and to provide a standard for states considering regulation of experienced paralegals.

Any member interested in sitting for a PACE exam should contact the MPA Certification Ambassador.




MPA is offering two (2) PACE scholarships in 2015.  The application deadline is September 31st.  Don’t miss this opportunity – apply today.


The scholarship includes 1) the cost of the PACE Exam™*; 2) the PACE Study Manual**; and 3) PACE application materials. 


*The candidate will be reimbursed by MPA for the costs of the exam.  MPA will provide half of the reimbursement after proof of payment for the exam and the second half upon proof of taking the exam (passing is not required for reimbursement.


**In the event that the recipient of the scholarship as already purchased the study manual, in lieu of the manual, the scholarship will cover the cost of the PACE Practice Exam.


To be eligible you must:

1)         Be a current Voting Member (this includes Greater Minnesota Voting Members as well);

2)         Maintain your Voting Member status in 2015;

3)         Take the exam by October 1, 2016 and

4)         Meet the education/experience requirements by June 1, 2016


Click here to download the application. 

Applications will be reviewed and scored by the Certification Ambassadors from other NFPA member paralegal organizations.

If you have any questions regarding the MPA PACE Scholarship, please contact the MPA Certification Ambassadors.


Tina Johnson, RP®, MnCP

Kristy Geron, RP®

MPA Certification Ambassadors


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